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UVP Products Accessories Index

UVP catalog cover (46,612 bytes) Company Seven is a factory authorized distributor of UVP products, among their major components sold by us there are numerous accessories listed below as a quick reference index:

  • Gel Tools:

  • Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet:
      a non-photobleaching comparative grayscale Step Tablet (patent pending) for use with Transilluminators.

  • UV Lamp Elements:
      replacement/spare bulbs, tubes, and quartz grid elements.

  • UVX Digital Radiometer:
      when furnished with the appropriate sensor and attenuator as needed, this is employed to objectively quantify the levels of ultraviolet exposure to shortwave (UV-C), midwave (UV-B), or longwave (UV-L). Applications include personnel safety, documenting UV exposure levels in experiments or in production to assure consistency, or simply to keep from frying your pet reptile when using our UV lamps as heat/sunlight source at their terrarium.

    Ordering UVP Products

    Company Seven stocks some of the more popular UVP lamp and cabinet products, and we accept orders for their other products by numerous means. Company Seven has not become convinced that on-line ordering is always beneficial for the customer, particularly when making a more complicated choice. While on-line ordering certainly is convenient and time effective for the merchant since they do not have to spend time with the customer, the customer is not always making the best choices when buying solely after reading what may be "propaganda" on line. The best ways to make the better choices are to either visit our showroom, or telephone 301-953-2000. This way you can obtain prompt and competent concise assistance which will address your particular needs and concerns.

    The ways by which you may order products or parts are outlined at , or click here to read that page now.

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