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  • Airline Transport Association Approved and Military Spec. Hardware Cases
  • Astronomical Telescope Sales, Design, Fabrication, Testing, Repairs
  • Automated Mounts/Tracking Platforms (Alt-Azimuth and Equatorial Mounts)
  • Binocular Repair and Refurbishment Services
  • Binocular Sales (Hand-held, Stabilized, and Fixed Giant Binocular)
  • Black & White, and Color Charge Coupled Device (CCD Video) Cameras
  • Books, Publications, Charts and other aids to celestial navigation
  • Cellular Equipment: Alarm Transmission, Control of Remote Telescopes and Related Equipment
  • Certified Appraisals (for I.R.S., Insurance, etc.) of Telescopes and Related Optical Equipment
  • Expert Witness: Telescopes and Related Optical Equipment Technology and Uses
  • Filters for Viewing, or for Photographic or Video Imaging
  • Global Positioning and Transit Systems
  • Instructional Aids, Tutorials
  • Integrating CCD Cameras with Control Computer Software and Interface
  • Lens Sales, Design, Fabrication, Repairs
  • Lens and Telescope Testing and Certification Services
  • Long Distance Microscope Sales and Repair
  • Observatory Facilties: Residential or Professional Domes, Slide off roof, Piers (elevating or fixed height)
  • Optical Calibration Systems Sales and Repair
  • Mirror Design and Fabrication: Parabolic and Spherical
  • Night Vision Electro-Optics: Passive and Active
  • Optical Tube Assemblies for LIDAR applications
  • Optical Component or Systems Testing and Verification
  • Planetarium Systems Sales and Service
  • Power Supplies: Rechargeable Portable and Installed Line/Backup
  • Photographic and Video Lens Sales and Repair
  • Riflescope Sales and Repair
  • Satcom Equipment: Alarm Transmission, Control of Remote Telescopes and Related Equipment
  • Special Optics for Defense and Intelligence applications
  • Spectroscopy instruments for amateur and for professional applications
  • Terrestrial Photo-Video and Visual Telescopes
  • Ultraviolet Illuminators, Radiometers
  • Used and Consignment Sales of Telescopes and Accessories

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