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Astronomical and Terrestrial Telescopes Accessories and Equipment Items Wanted Terms


Highlights of Current Used and Consigned Equipment For Sale at Company Seven

Note: This section does not indicate all of our available selection of used products, particularly of the more common telescopes and accessories that are available for inspection in our Laurel, Maryland showroom.


  1. Due to the high volume of E-Mail and facsimile inquiries we already receive, electronic mail, postal mail, and facsimile inquiries from the general public to Company Seven regarding these items are discouraged. We suggest those who are interested in seeing these instruments visit our showroom in Laurel, Maryland or telephone to discuss any questions.

  2. Orders will be accepted by telephone, or in person at the Laurel showroom, or by electronic mail. Please call to confirm item availability, and refer to ordering and payment information or contact our showroom for information.

  3. Orders requiring delivery will incur additional actual costs of packaging, shipping, insurance, and for international orders whatever fees pertain to international delivery.

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