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Astronomical and Terrestrial Telescopes Accessories and Equipment Items Wanted Terms

Telescopes and Accessories Wanted by Our Clientele

As of 10 March 2009

This is an experimental avenue whereby we will seek to purchase selected used equipment by trade in, or from outright purchases as an aid our customers who seek these particular items. To place a request to have a listing posted here, see the terms below. If you own such equipment and will consider selling it, then please contact Company Seven referencing the Posting Date and "ID number" with product description and terms.

  1. Used Carl Zeiss Jena German Equatorial Mount
    Pre World War II suitable for 13cm to 15cm refracting telescope

      Request by ID 1014

  2. Used Carl Zeiss Jena Military Binocular
    50mm or 60mm (or larger), may be code marked "rln" or "blc"

      Request by ID 1005

  3. Used Optical Techniques, Inc. "Quantum 8" Telescope
    with or without wood packing box

      Request by ID 1006

  4. Used Ash Mfg. or Technical Innovations, Inc. ten foot Diameter "Home Dome"
    in or within 200 miles of Delaware

      Request by ID 1007

  5. Used Carl Zeiss Binocular Viewer
    with Zeiss trademark for 1.25" diameter oculars, as offered from 1994 to 1997.

      Request by ID 1008

  6. Carl Zeiss German Mount suitable for Zeiss 13cm Apo
    early 20th century with pier or tripod

      Request by ID 1058

  7. Celestron Cold Camera (or any third party make)
    typical of 1970's production

      Request by Company Seven for our museum collection

  8. Unitron 4" f/15 Achromatic Refractor with German Mount
    with weight-driven clock drive

      Request by ID 1020


    1. Offers of product or requests for products will be accepted via facsimile, postal mail, in person at our Laurel showroom, or by electronic mail.
    2. Sales handled through Company Seven may be subject to "Consignment" provisions as described at our Terms page.


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