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UVP Gel Tools, Fluorescent Standard Tablet

Since 1932 UVP has been involved in developing solutions, particularly for those who work in the ultraviolet portions of the spectrum. Since the 1960's there has been dramatic growth in the area of genetics research and UVP recognized opportunities to develop products for this industry. In particular UYP developed their own devices to facilitate visualizing and imaging the separation of the mixture's components on the Agarose gel medium in which this is typically processed. Some of the analyte molecules fluoresce under ultraviolet light, so with their long experience in the ultraviolet field the team UVP developed their line of
Transilluminators that back illuminate subjects. Combining their Transilluminators with other devices they developed GelDoc (Gel Documentation) imaging systems; integrated and stand-alone devices used in molecular biology laboratories for the imaging and documentation of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) and protein polyacrylamide or agarose gels.

On this page Company Seven presents an index of some of the less well known, but no less important accessories that facilitate working with gels and obtaining accurately exposed images.

Gel Tools:

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Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet:

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  • Fluorescent Standard Step Tablet: a non-photobleaching comparative grayscale Step Tablet (patent pending). This is made to be placed alongside your Gel on a FirstLight UV Transilluminator. The tablet incorporates a 21-step graduation scale with densities spanning from totally clear and transparent (Step 1) to fully opaque (Step 21). The graduations allow accurate and consistent comparison of the bands and spots on the acquired images against one another and against the step tablet for variations in lighting, exposure, and other conditions.
      PN 85-0002-01: 20cm

For an overview about working in the UV read our Ultraviolet Spectrum Primer, the illustrated article by Company Seven explaining the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum as it applies to photographing or imaging objects in the UV and about observing fluorescence, phosphorescence, and tenebrescence. The article explains the different portions UV spectrum including UV-A (long wave), UV-B (mid) and UV-C (short wave). We also host numerous articles and lamp users guides at our Notes & Interesting Articles page.

Ordering UVP Products

Company Seven stocks some of the more popular UVP lamp and cabinet products, and we accept orders for their other products by numerous means. You can also bring your UVP item to Company Seven for repair, or contact us to obtain user-serviceable items (bulbs, grids, etc.). The ways by which you may order products or parts are outlined at , or click here to read that page now.

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