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UVP Biomedical Technologies Overview

UVP Biomedical applications (31,380 bytes) Company Seven offers a broad selection of equipment suitable for biomedical applications including imaging cameras, lenses for work in the visible or infrared, as well as
UV capable lenses and long distance microscope systems. Our systems are employed for technology related projects (testing new materials for joints, etc.), forensics, quality assurance, and for genomic, proteomic and invivo applications in molecular biology. Common uses for the UVP laboratory products include DNA gel image acquisition and documentation, analysis of gels, blots, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, western blots, northern blots, southern blots, luminescence, colorimetric, chromagenic, densitometry, in vivo and in vitro, plates, and film.

We sell ultraviolet Transilluminators, ultraviolet crosslinkers, ultraviolet incubators, PCR hoods, UV PCR and HEPA/UV PCR Cabinets and Workstations, ultraviolet lamps, hybridization ovens, ultraviolet light sources, and radiometers. It also offers VisionWorks LS, an image acquisition and analysis software including Doc-It LS software for image analysis.

UVP laboratory technology products are in service at:

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Biotechnology
  • Chromatography
  • Drug Testing
  • Environmental Monitoring/Sensing
  • Inspection/Identification
  • Medical/Biomedical
  • Molecular Biology
  • Pharmeceutical
  • Production Quality Control
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sterilization
  • Testing & Measurement

Products include:

UVP Integrated Imaging Systems:

Since 1932 UVP has been involved in developing solutions, particularly for those who work in the ultraviolet portions of the spectrum. UVP developed devices that illuminate subjects in portions of the spectrum including: ultraviolet, visible, or near infrared. These components include lamps and Transilluminators. Over recent decades UVP has combined their illumination components and expertise with imaging devices and with custom developed
control and image processing software to produce comprehensive and convenient to use imaging systems. The imagimg systems are made to illuminate and capture images of: live (en vivo) animals (with options including anaesthesia modules), cultures in Petri dishes, DNA gels, and more. Furthermore, these systems do this work consistently, reliably, and in a time efficient manner.

UVP Biospectrum Imaging System (28,448 bytes)

UVP ColonyDoc-It Imaging System (28,448 bytes)

UVP iBox Explorer Imaging System (28,448 bytes)

UVP iBox Scientia Imaging System (28,448 bytes)

PCR HEPA Cabinets & Workstations:

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technology employed in molecular biology. PCR is particularly useful for amplifying (cloning) DNA sequencing, for DNA-based phylogeny, functional analysis of genes (diagnosing disease), genetic fingerprinting (forensics or paternity testing), detection and identification of infectious organisms. UVP has developed several systems that employ shortwave ultraviolet light among other methods to control carryover contamination for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

UVP UV3 HEPA PCR Cabinet 21 in (28,448 bytes)

Model UV3 HEPA PCR Cabinet
21 inch wide x 32.5 tall x 24 deep

UVP UV3 HEPA PCR Cabinet 29 in labeled (28,448 bytes)

Model UV3 HEPA PCR Workstation
29 inch wide, with components labeled


The Transilluminator is an illuminating platform that incorporates a flat window below which are ultraviolet and or other lamps. These AC powered devices were developed as a backlighting source for DNA gels. However, the Transilluminator can be used for studies of any transparent subject, or to backlight opaque objects so that their perimeter areas between the front and rear of a sample may be more clearly studied.

Most Transilluminators for gel applications incorporate multiple UV source tubes of 6 watt or higher capacity. But we also offer higher output models, and models in 365nm, or 254nm, or visible light. Some Transilluminator models provide the user with the choice of selecting two or more wavelengths: 254nm (shortwave), 302nm (midmwave), or 365nm (longwave) sources. We also sell White light, White/UVs, and special purpose Visi-Blue™ Transilluminators. The Visi-Blue™ are specially made to convert UV light for use with 460-470nm excitation samples, SYBR green, SYPRO orange, and GFP stains. Some of our Transilluminators feature the capability to vary the brightness of the source.

Examples of some Transilluminators:

UVP Mini Benchtop 302nm Transilluminator, Model M-10E (37,351 bytes)

Mini Benchtop Model M-10E
10.25 inch wide x 4.5 tall x 7.25 deep

UVP Firstlight 302nm Transilluminator (26,026 bytes)

Firstlight® Models FI-20, FI-26, FI-26X
14 inch wide x 5.63 tall x 11 deep

UVP HP Variable Transilluminator (23,434 bytes)

High Performance Variable TFM and TFS series
variable intensity source in any one UV band
all: 19.13 inch wide x 5.63 tall x 13.25 deep

UVP White/UV Transilluminator (30,246 bytes)

White only Models: TW-26, TW-43
TW-26: 13.25 inch wide x 4.25 tall x 9.5 deep
TW-43: 16 inch wide x 4.25 tall x 19.1 deep

UVP White/UV Transilluminator (24,356 bytes)

White/UV Models: TLW-20, TMW-20, LMW-20
single intensity, white/UV 302 or 365nm, or white and 302/365
19.13 inch wide x 5.64 tall x 713.25 deep

UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminator (24,249 bytes)

Visi-Blue™ Models VB-26, VB-40V
VB-26: 14 inch wide x 4.8 tall x 11 deep
VB-40V: 19.13 inch wide x 5.64 tall x 13.25 deep

UVP DigiDoc-It system with transilluminator (75,581 bytes) Beyond their conventional applications UVP has engineered their Transilluminators to be compatible with:

  • Chromato-Vue® UV Observing Cabinets: the bottom panel of each cabinet may be removed so that the cabinet may be placed onto a Transilluminator to provide back illumination.

  • Some DigiDoc-It® systems (TFM-26V or TFV-30V), and all PhotoDoc-It™ systems incorporate a Transilluminator.

  • The DigiDoc-It®, MultiDoc-It™ , and VisiDoc-It™ imaging systems too are compatible and can be used with an optional UV Transilluminator.

Right: UVP DigiDoc-It® system designed for imaging gels shown with Transilluminator. Components labeled for convenience (75,581 bytes).

Additional Reading:

  • UVP Laboratory & UV Products Catalog, the complete illustrated thirty-six page catalog, cover page illustrated at right. UVP publication UV/Lab Rev 0609. Download size is 2,761,955 bytes (in Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format).

  • Ultraviolet Spectrum Primer on-line illustrated article by Company Seven explaining the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum particulary as it applies to photographing or imaging objects in the UV. The UV-A, UV-B and UV-C are described. The article is supported with color images taken of subjects in natural light then taken in the UV shown for comparison and to illustrate fluorescence, phosphoresence, and tenebrescence. Imaging gear is reviewed including: UV sources, special microscopes and lenses (Nikon UV-Nikkor / UV-105 F4.5, Zeiss Hasselblad UV-Sonnar, etc.), films and filters, and CCD imaging systems. Content copyright Company Seven and respective contributors.

  • We also host numerous articles and lamp users guides at our Notes & Interesting Articles index page.

Ordering UVP Products

Company Seven stocks some of the more popular UVP lamp and cabinet products, and we accept orders for their other products by numerous means. You can also bring your UVP item to Company Seven for repair, or contact us to obtain user-serviceable items (bulbs, grids, etc.). The ways by which you may order products or parts are outlined at , or click here to read that page now.

Company Seven has not become convinced that on-line ordering is always beneficial for the customer, particularly when making a more complicated choice. While on-line ordering certainly is convenient and time effective for the merchant since they do not have to spend time with the customer, the customer is not always making the best choices when buying solely after reading what may be "propaganda" on line. The best ways to make the better choices are to either visit our showroom, or telephone 301-953-2000. This way you can obtain prompt and competent concise assistance which will address your particular needs and concerns.


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