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UVP Products Distribution & Service

UVP catalog cover (46,612 bytes) Company Seven is a factory authorized distributor of UVP products. These systems are made in 115 volt or 220 volt configurations, and so the UVP devices may be employed world-wide. All UVP equipment we sell is factory new, with complete applicable warranty.

By January 2011 Company Seven has accumulated more than thirty one years of continuous experience as a licensed business all while operating under the same ownership. We have been serving the amateur and professional markets in government, education, and industry. We maintain a technically competent staff, each with at least 15 to 20 years or more practical experience using these kinds of equipment in addition to any formal education. Several of our team here are proud to be users of UVP technology, and this provides us with insights beyond those who simply read the factory literature. Therefore, our team will have an uncommonly good theoretical and practical understanding of these products, their design and applications. Our web content is written by the same people you will speak with, we do not hire out writing a web site to people who do not know the equipment. The content of our website typically goes beyond the basic information found in manufacturer literature. Furthermore, the interface throughout our immense web site is logical and consistent; these factors combined with our success at presenting information in ways that are geared for the average and more demanding readers are among the means we employ to assure the success of our customers.

Optics and related technologies is all we are about; our company are true specialists and do not treat this market as a sideline. Feel free to contact us for advice about how our UVP systems may help your mission.

Ordering UVP Products

Company Seven stocks some of the more popular UVP lamp and cabinet products, and we accept orders for their other products by numerous means. Company Seven has not become convinced that on-line ordering is always beneficial for the customer, particularly when making a more complicated choice. While on-line ordering certainly is convenient and time effective for the merchant since they do not have to spend time with the customer, the customer is not always making the best choices when buying solely after reading what may be "propaganda" on line. The best ways to make the better choices are to either visit our showroom, or telephone 301-953-2000. This way you can obtain prompt and competent concise assistance which will address your particular needs and concerns.

The ways by which you may order products or parts are outlined at , or click here to read that page now.

We are a registered Defense Contractor for the US Government (ORCA, etc.) and as such this makes it a quick and simple matter for Federal agencies to order from Company Seven.

Servicing UVP Products

And after the sale we will remain available to support your programs or your hobby. Company Seven's staff have been employed on highly demanding projects and so we have developed an uncommonly good sensitivity to working on high value or complicated systems. You may bring your UVP item to Company Seven for repair, or cleaning. Or contact us to obtain user-serviceable items (replacement bulbs, grids, etc.). This too distinguishes our team from others who lack the expertise to truly back what they sell.


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