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Questar logo from 1990's (27,482 bytes)

Questar Notes & Interesting Articles

These articles are provided as a courtesy by Company Seven for those customers who have helped to keep us in business.
These are usually copyrighted works and as such can not be disseminated or reproduced without permission.

Questar Literature from Company Seven’s Archives:

    Mr. and Mrs. the founders (81,216 bytes)
  • “QUESTAR” booklet Moderate resolution reprint of original Questar 28 page illustrated booklet provided with new Questar telescopes, dated May 1954. File is 2,387,280 Bytes (in Acrobat Reader “.pdf” format). Scanned copy of original from Company Seven’s Archives.

Right: Lawrence and Marguerite Braymer, the founders of Questar Corp., circa 1959 (49,000 bytes). In the archives of Company Seven.
Click on image to see enlarged view (127,814 bytes).