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These accessories were sold for the Questar Brandon eyepieces introduced in 1971 then discontinued by the late 1970's.
A similar version has been introduced in 2009 as Questar Eyepiece Canisters.
This article is provided as a courtesy by Company Seven for those customers who have helped to keep us in business.

Questar Brandon Eyepieces (43,238 bytes).
Preface: this is another example of the fine old-world Questar craftsmanship dating back to 1971. Each metal canister consists of three parts made to accommodate one of the five standard production Questar Brandon eyepieces of the day, thereby protecting each from impact and moisture. The canister will also accommodate current Questar Brandon eyepieces eyepieces offered in the Questar Brandon Eyepiece Presentation Set; these are made without the thread-on eye cup as were made in the 1970's.

Right: complete assortment of the 1971 Questar Brandon Vernonscope Eyepiece canisters (43,238 bytes).
The set of cases and their eyepieces illustrated here are in the museum display collection of Company Seven.
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The Questar Brandon eyepieces were selected in 1971 when Questar Corp. first elected to include more modern eyepieces with their telescopes. The modern Questar Brandon eyepieces and those of 1971 are 1.25 inch diameter eyepieces suitable for use either as slip fit, or with with Questar telescopes and their photographic accessories owing to their unique outer threaded barrel. The available eyepieces included 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm and 32 mm focal lengths. In April 2006 the selection was expanded by the addition of the 6 mm Questar Brandon. The original were sold as the modern eyepieces are - either individually or they can be purchased in a limited production arrangement organized within a beautiful plush lined solid walnut presentation case.

In 1971 the eyepieces were each made available with a matched finely crafted metal canister. This is a three part arrangement consisting of a precisely machined metal cylinder with a thread-on metal lid sealed onto the cylinder, and another thread-on lid for the bottom but threaded with a male fitting to accept the Questar Brandon eyepiece. The eyepieces each are threaded for Brandon filters so the bottom lid of the case is threaded make to fit the eyepiece filter thread.

The canisters each share the same 44 mm diameter but differ in overall length so that it is easier to differentiate one eyepiece from another. These cases are made to hold only the Questar Brandon eyepieces with 29.85 mm dia. x 32 tpi filter threads, they will not work with 1960's Questar eyepieces or with modern conventional slip fit eyepieces that have 1.25 inch diameter x 42 tpi (28.5 x 0.6 mm) threads. Also these canisters may not fit the modern eyepieces since these now incorporate a rubber eyecup that adds some length.

Questar Brandon 16mm threaded onto lid (45,067 bytes).
The Questar Brandon eyepiece canister is precision machined from aluminum stock and anodized in a gloss black finish. Each component is anodized in a black finish. Each cylinder is machine engraved with "QUESTAR BRANDON", the focal length "Xmm EFL VERNONSCOPE" and "U.S.A.". The lettering is filled in white so the 24 mm for example reads "QUESTAR BRANDON 24MM EFL VERNONSCOPE U.S.A." as does the eyepiece. The interior is fully anodized black too.

Left: Questar Brandon 16 mm Eyepiece threaded onto the canister cover with spare cover alongside (45,067 bytes).
Click on the image to see enlarged view (129,798 bytes).


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