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Leica Binocular Warranty, Repair & Service

"A manufacturer's warranty is the tangible expression of their confidence in the product. Martin Cohen"

Limited Warranty And No-Fault Passport Protection Plans:
A number of people are afraid to invest in an expensive binocular for fear of damaging the binocular; often they have been conditioned by experiences with lesser quality "disposable" models. There are persons who own such instruments and yet do not take them casually to places and environments where they may use them, also for fear of what damage may come to their binocular. Well to give peace of mind we offer some of the best warranty coverage in the world for some of the best sporting optics made:

Imagine accidentally dropping our binocular off a balcony, or running over it with a car;
whatever happens the "No-Fault Passport Protection" warranty demands no explanation!

Passport Protection Plan and Limited Lifetime Warranty
1 January 2021 to date:

Prior Warranty And Programs: applicable to sporting optics sold prior to 2021

Three (3) Year Passport Protection Plan and Limited Lifetime Warranty
From 1 September 2008 to 31 December 2020:

    For those customers who bought their Leica Duovid, BR/BL ULTRAVID HD, ULTRAVID Compact, Trinovid Compact models, and TELEVID spotting telescopes and eyepieces from Company Seven. This program provides the buyer of our Leica product three year protection from date of purchase against manufacturer defects, functional failures, or accidental damages to the equipment including: water damage or any accident. This plan is applicable only to the original owner of the product, and it is not a transferable warranty.

    After the three years term of the Passport Protection Plan has expires, the warranty reverts to a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials (described below). The instrument must have the provided Warranty Registration Card completed, signed and returned to Company Seven or Leica within thirty (30) days of the original sale to take effect.

    GEOVID and GEOVID HD binoculars are covered by a five (5) year Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials (described below). This does not cover abuse, impact, or extreme water damage.

Passport Protection Plan and Limited Lifetime Warranty
1 May 2002 to 31 August 2008:
    For those customers who bought their Leica BN and original ULTRAVID BR/BL models from Company Seven we provided a solution for those who fear: the no-fault "Passport Protection" plan*. This program provides the buyer of our Leica binoculars with the confidence to take the binocular where one would normally fear to tread! Simply fill out the enclosed registration information and return it promptly, then the warranty is in effect. The program which originally provided three years of no fault coverage will from now afford the owner a Leica binocular product sold by Company Seven from 1 May 2002 to 31 August 2008 on a lifetime to experience just how rugged, waterproof and shock resistant a premium Leica binocular can be.

    This is done with the full understanding of the owner that if any harm should come to the binocular, then we will repair it to be as new, or replace it (whatever of the two options is determined to be best) at no cost for the service for the first three years, and after from after three years to life that coverage continues for only a $35 fee to process the claim. Simply return the binocular (or the part of the binocular with the serial number) to either Company Seven, or to any of the world wide Leica service facilities. The owner pays shipping charges to Company Seven, and we return it repaired or replaced!

Limited Lifetime Warranty:
When we assure our customers that they are making a purchase for life we back it up in a tangible manner: in addition to the unique "No-Fault Passport Protection" plans described above for some of our Leica binoculars, all Leica BN ULTRAVID models are backed by a "Limited Lifetime" warranty.

This is the warranty provided with our Leica GEOVID range finding models, our LRF/CRF Rangefinders, and other Leica electronics optics systems. Note, these have never been provided with either of the "Passport Protection" plans described above.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty provisions include:

  • The product is warranted against defects in workmanship or material.
  • Straps, filters, and carrying cases are excluded from this warranty.
  • The plan does not cover loss of the binoculars or damage by fire however, most home owners or renters insurance policies do.
  • Recovery is limited to the repair or replacement of the product with the same model.
  • If a failed product is discontinued then it may be replaced by a similar model.
  • After the first three years from date of sale the coverage continues for life with only a modest fee due at the time of incident provided by the consumer to process the claim.
  • Any such implied warranty of merchant ability and or fitness is for the duration of this warranty.
  • This warranty does not obligate Leica Camera Inc. or its representative Company Seven to reimburse the original purchaser or any use of the equipment for any expenses, loss, or incidental or consequential damages which may arise in connection with any use of the equipment.

For Repair or Service in or out of Warranty:

These are wonderful instruments built to withstand about as much as any optical system can endure when exposed to the elements and given proper care they will provide great service for generations of users. However, even when given excellent care and handling these remain mechanical devices too made up of dozens of parts that incorporate lubricants, bushings, seals, etc. and these are subject to wear or deteriorate over time. And so we recommend you send them in periodically for 'standard service' that will include a comprehensive cleaning in and out, lubrication, replacement of minor worn bushings and seals, a tuning up of the hinge and focus mechanisms, collimation, nitrogen purging and sealing. The interval of this service depends largely on how and where the instrument is used. In routine uses in temperate climates the service interval might be only every ten to fifteen years. But when used in particularly harsh environments (high humidity tropical, intense heat desert, etc.) or when immersed in mud or other abrasive substances then the recommended interval would be more frequent.

For example the 7x 35 binocular shown below left was used for many years in a high humidity tropical climate. The leather strap shows signs of wear and tear, and rot. The grommets show green oxidation. These should have been warning signs to the owner to contact us years ago before he decided to send them in. As it is, these were not sent in for service until mildew had established itself inside and etched the prisms, thus necessitating a costly replacement of both prisms in addition to the costs of routine servicing.

Leitz 7x 35 with rot and interior mildew
Fungus/Mildew: Leitz 7x 35 made ~1971

Leather strap shows signs of wear and rot,
mildew on inside prisms, objectives radius are growing a garden
Leica 10x42 eye lens separation from impact
Mechanical impact damage: Leica 10x42 BA

spots between eye lenses indicate separation from impact
the eyecup sleeve was also broken but arrived here taped in place
Leica 7x 35 BA impact damage
Mechanical impact damage: Leitz 7x 35 BA

impact bent the rim of the objective lens cell
note loose screws just inside each objective lens

Of course immediately after any severe impact or if you notice any change in the feel of the binocular (grit in the eyecup sleeves, loosening of the bridge hinge, rotation of the focus controls, any 'blurring' or 'double image') then you should consult us about the best remedy sooner rather than later. Some concerns may not even call for a return visit, for instance we have spoken with people who acquired a used binocular and simply did not know there is a diopter adjustment that had set for the previous owners preference; without turning this control the new user might be left thinking something is wrong with their binocular. If you purchased your Leica Sporting optics elsewhere then we recommend contacting Leica Camera, Inc. Customer Service, in Allendale, New Jersey directly.

We can replace worn or missing accessories (eyecups, strap, protective rainguard, pouch or case, etc.), while it may be possible replace the worn rubber armor covering of the binocular so that it returns not only showing great views and focusing as smoothly as new, but also looking much better. So there is hope that our new parts with competent servicing can restore almost any tragic presentation into a nearly miraculous resurrection:

damaged Leica Geovid 10x 42 (138,092 bytes) rehab Leica Geovid 10x 42 (46,352 bytes)

Above: Leica GEOVID 10x 42 BRF Range Finding Binocular before and after.

For additional advice and information refer to our illustrated article Binocular Care And Service Interval Advice.

If you seek advice about basic troubleshooting steps to know whether or not you should send the item into Leica for repair then contact Company Seven, preferably by E-Mail. In your communication to us please provide:

  • Your name and contact information (E-Mail, daytime telephone number)
  • Return address
  • Model of binocular or spotting telescope
  • Serial Number

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