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Company Seven's staff serves a world wide community and has decades of experience in the optics industry. We are not simply another 'E-Tailer' sitting about spewing manufacturer literature and waiting for orders to toll in from on-line, we live with and use the equipment types that we recommend. We are well familiar with and have worked on some of the most difficult optical projects too, and so we can be your primary source of firsthand information regarding products, their selection, availability and estimated delivery dates. And since we are an authorized Leica sports optics and camera retailer, you can rest assured you are buying fully-warranted, new Leica products that can even decades later be returned to us for service or periodic maintenance if ever needed.

Given some proper care a Leica product can last and provide you and yours some lifetimes of good service. For advice and information about binocular maintenance and repair for example refer to our illustrated article Binocular Care And Service Interval Advice.


width="573" Company Seven's regularly stocks the Leica products that we describe on line, and many more too. Furthermore, every newly arriving Leica product received at Company Seven undergoes a comprehensive testing and approval process so that whatever we deliver will be among the best example that the factory can produce. In fact we are highly regarded for our in-house quality assurance programs among the communities (astronomy and government/industrial) where we are historically best known.

Right: correct and factory-defective Leica DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42 binoculars at Company Seven (50,928 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (137,751 bytes)

The black binocular in this image is a DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42, can you see the discrepancy? It was assembled at the factory with the improper designation components and passed through numerous steps of quality control that Leica is famous for. It arrived at Company Seven. And at first glance might be confused for the notably larger DUOVID 10 + 15 x 50 binocular but it is in fact the same model DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42 as the green DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42 shown at left for comparison.

It is amazing to see how such an item could have made it through so many stages of quality control at the factory and at Leica USA, but this just goes to show that where there are humans involved especially when performing repetitive work then there can be an occasional mistake. This black DUOVID binocular was returned by Company Seven to Leica for exchange.

Company Seven employs quality control techniques that can make a discrepancy appear obvious to us that would otherwise go unnoticed, and we employ these techniques to evaluate every item that arrives at Company Seven from Leica. Consider for example the case of the Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 Aspheric lens shown below, at $10,995.00 (USD in 2012) and with a typical lead time from ordering of about one year this is one of the most costly and sought after optics in production:

width="433" width="433"
Above left: at first glance upon arrival at Company Seven in 2013 this appears to be another exquisite example of an amazing lens (158,234 bytes).
Above right: when tested at Company Seven under certain filtered illumination and at a nominal angle a hair-like defect well into the lens is obvious to us (85,499 bytes).
Note the Serial Number has been blurred by us so that whomever buys this (repaired) elsewhere will not have their feelings hurt.
Click on images to see enlarged views (494,080 and 647,691 bytes)

In fact the above lens was returned for exchange to Leica not just for the defect shown above at right, but also for a second discrepancy that we found when evaluating this new lens at Company Seven.

Most companies selling optics today are E-Tailers who can not be bothered about giving much good advice before the sale, turn-around whatever box arrives from the factory, and after forwarding it to you they will want to be bothered even less by you for any service needs after the sale. A few other shops out there claim they check what they sell, yet few return anything to the distributor. Where will you choose to buy your Leica products?

Your support makes resources such as our showroom and this Internet Site possible. Our support of our clients makes them among the happiest and most successful enthusiasts. So if we can be of assistance to you in any way, please visit our Laurel, MD showroom, or call 301-953-2000, or send E-Mail to Company Seven.


When you receive your order it will become obvious that a great deal of care was also given to the safe packing of each item. It is very rare that any component is damaged during transit but if a problem occurs then nobody deals with that any more quickly than Company Seven.

Damaged Leica binocular shipping box

Right: A carton as delivered by United Parcel Service containing a very high-tech Leica GEOVID range finding binocular. This parcel appears to have collided very hard with something to do this deep crushing. And yet the binocular was so well double boxed and padded, that combined with its durability no damage occurred to the binocular! (41,500 bytes)
Click on image to see enlarged view (125,064 bytes).

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