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Look What's Inside a Leica Telescope!

(1) The exquisite optical system maximizes brilliance and detail resolution. The 77mm (just over 3 inches) front lens diameter can discern fine detail well into twilight. The resulting large exit pupil (cone of light exiting the eyepiece) assures comfortable observation with no eyestrain.

Matched to the sensitivity of the human eye, the anti-reflection multiple coating of all air to glass surfaces of the optical system ensures a brilliantly clear, razor sharp image. A hard coating (acid Class 3) makes the external surfaces extremely scratch and corrosion resistant.

(2) The integrated, retractable rubber-armored lens hood incorporates an added aiming device making it easy to home in quickly on smaller subjects, even under extremely poor light conditions.

(3) The durable, all metal die-cast and precision machined aluminum alloy housing is shock and impact resistant. Waterproof and dry nitrogen filled, neither humidity nor dust can penetrate the interior of the spotting telescope even when changing oculars in the field!

(4) The generous seating surface, permits a rigid connection to any commercially available tripod (of 3/8" or 1/4" set screw), thus assuring steady and firmly lined up view of the subject even at extreme magnifications under windy conditions.

The precise construction of the rotating tripod collar allows the angled Televid 77 (depicted above) telescope to be rotated to various convenient positions for target shooting, or when observing prone. It is possible for two observers to share the telescope simply by swinging the instrument back and forth - all the while with the instrument remaining precisely centered on target.

(5) The handy partial rubber armoring and rubber covered eyecup serves for structural and cosmetic impact protection, easy handling even in extremely cold environments, and noise suppression (in the event of striking it while on the move for example).

(6) The optical design of the objectives, prisms, and eyepieces are optimized to provide a maximum possible, highly corrected wide field of view whether or not the observer employees eyeglasses or not. Eyepieces with shifted exit pupils for prescription spectacle or sunglass (even polarized) wearers are a Leica specialty that enables them to observe the entire field of view without compromise. This also facilitates the sharing of the instrument between partners and use either with or without prescription spectacles or conventional sunglasses (including polarized models).

Superior ocular (eyepiece) optical and mechanical design features good eye relief. With easy to use rubber padded, retractable (snap in or out) eyecups similar to those on the Leica binoculars where there is no need to bother with traditional rubber eyecups and their associated wear and tear, or the associated hazards of smearing the eyepiece lenses while folding a hood down with ones fingers. With the eyecup pulled out and snapped into place, it acts to shield the eye from lateral distraction, and it provides solid support to the viewer. With the touch of a finger, eyeglass wearers can push the eyecup down and place the eyepiece directly against their eyeglasses.

The very broad field of view subtends a large picture angle, so that anything that moves can be easily kept in sight.

The extraordinarily close near focusing distance of only 3.95 meters (13 feet) makes the Televid 77 spotting telescope particularly effective for the observation of small living things like butterflies, for exciting close up views.

(7) The Leica Televid 77 has a trend setting ergonomic design distinguishing itself by the ease of operating the control elements. Convenient and uncomplicated, in the Leica tradition.

Dual focusing (coarse adjustment of 3-1/2 turns, or fine adjustment of 14 turns for focusing from 3.95 m (13 ft.) to infinity further enhances the ease of using the spotting scope by facilitating fast and accurate focusing.

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