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Binocular Floating Carrying Strap

Provided as standard equipment with Leica marine binoculars, optional for others

Floating Strap for Leica binocular (94,407 bytes)

Above: Leica Floating Carrying Strap (65,669 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (94,407 bytes).

This neoprene padded binocular carrying strap is among those accessories provided as standard equipment with the Leica marine binoculars, and is optional for others. It is recommended by Company Seven to provide our customers with peace of mind when using their prized Leica binocular around the water. This device holds most mid size (Appx. 32 to 56 mm) roof prism binoculars securely over your shoulder or around the neck. Understanding that most of our Leica binoculars are waterproof to a depth of 5 meters or so, this will also provide just enough buoyancy to keep a binocular from sinking beyond sight if dropped in the water. And the bright orange color makes it more clearly visible to facilitate recovery.

As with our other models this strap is resistant to the elements however, to avoid reducing the lifespan of the flexible strap Company Seven recommends this not be needlessly left out over long periods of time where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Floating Strap for Leica binocular (56,319 bytes)

Right: Leica Floating Carrying Strap on GEOVID 8x 56 Rangefinding Binocular (56,319 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (142,606 bytes).


  • Easily adjusted mechanisms allow changing length

  • Generously padded and durable relieves strain for the carrier

  • Attaches onto any Leica mid to full size binocular

  • Non-slip pad lines the interior surface

  • Lightweight

  • Both metal loops are padded with hard plastic cover so that it remains silent in the field

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