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Al Nagler, the founder and President at TeleVue has the professional optical background necessary to invent new and innovative designs, but he also brings to the industry an unusual degree of experience in the use of these components. This is because Mr. Nagler has been an avid amateur astronomer for more than forty years! Over the past more than 20 years TeleVue has made noteworthy impacts in three areas of the marketplace, these are:

    1) eyepiece design, and

    2) the development of multipurpose and astronomical refracting telescopes.

    3) equipment that is particularly simple to set up and operate - and that is well documented for beginners or the experienced user alike.

TeleVue has a skill at making it relatively simple for an inexperienced user to set up and then operate TeleVue telescopes and accessories. TeleVue's technical staff are professional telescope makers who are also experienced observers, and so their telescope designs and components are highly consistent in quality, and user friendly; even the simplest TeleVue accessory includes good documentation in order to insure success.

If you are new to the hobby or simply seek world class performance with a maintenance free
ease of use, then it will be difficult to argue aginst these products.

Before TeleVue, observers relied on a few popular eyepiece designs such as the Erfle, Orthoscopic, Huygens, Plossl. These designs predated World War II. This selection limited the observer to eyepieces that showed relatively narrow fields of view, or were not capable of producing a flat field of view particularly when used on relatively "fast" (focal ratios lower than f7 or so) telescopes. Most of the short focal length (10mm to 12mm or less) oculars of the day would not accommodate the long eye relief (distance between the cornea of the human eye to the eyepiece lens) needs of spectacle wearers. So, TeleVue began again a tradition of innovation in eyepiece design the likes of which have not been seen since the heyday of the Carl Zeiss Jena company.

Al Nagler and his staff (with input from the observing community) have developed a product line of relatively compact telescopes which are all truly one man manageable instruments. Pioneering the development of very fast, wide field of view capable 4 inch achromatic and apochromatic refractors - Al Nagler it can be said fairly is a visionary. When he introduced the first high quality 4 inch f5.5 refractors for the market, no other company had any similar product on the market. These telescopes afford spectacular views rarely provided by other telescope systems in terms of brightness, field of view, detail, color fidelity, contrast, and clarity. Among the advantages of a short focal length refracting telescope is that the mounting can be relatively smaller, of lighter weight, and more compact than that required for longer telescopes; this improves portability and enhances use ability. TeleVue made smooth moving, affordable alt-azimuth mounts with beautiful hard wood tripods (such as the "Panoramic" and "Gibraltar" mounts) the most popular choices of mount for the 3 to 4 inch aperture apochromatic telescopes; these "idiot proof" mounts are so attractive that they are prized as furniture in many households too! What is distilled from all of these ingredients is a highly portable refractor system providing breath taking imaging qualities, suitable for a wide variety of terrestrial and astronomical photo and visual applications including: high-magnification lunar or planet studies or wide field of view panoramic or deep sky observing.


TeleVue telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories are designed by Al Nagler and then manufactured to his specifications in modern optical facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and in the U.S.A. The optical components are made using only precision grade optical glass, which are free of striae and imperfection. All eyepiece and most telescope air-spaced elements are fully multi-coated to insure high light transmission and low internal reflection characteristics .


Most of the mechanical components are machined from virgin aluminum alloys or brass on modern lathes. Skilled machinists maintain very accurate tolerances thereby producing components that come together consistently, produce smooth operating focusers, and will offer a lifetime of service. All components are anodized black, left natural brass or aluminum, with most 2" diameter focuser draw tubes plated chrome. The optical tubes are are finished in ivory colored powder coat, or textured forest green. While the beautiful contemporary brass telescopes are made of solid brass left in a natural polished finish.


The technicians at TeleVue carefully install and align the optical components within the telescope optical tube. Each lens cell and focuser are squared onto the tube in preparation for the final assembly and final collimation (alignment) of the telescope. Once installed the telescopes should remain free of any need for recollimation of the components; in fact there are no collimation screws provided for a user to tamper with! TeleVue developed a unique baffle material to line the telescope tubes in order to insure that stray light is not reflected off the walls of the tube into the eyepiece or camera; furthermore, the interior of the tube is finished with an anti-reflection black paint.


TeleVue mountings are simple to use "Alt-Az" platforms which are are designed to provide ease of set up and operation, and solid stability under a variety of observing conditions. Several of the mounts are so beautiful that some persons have purchased the telescopes just as much to use and to have with a telescope as a decorative piece of furniture in their home or office! TeleVue has also developed a very accurate encoder set and state of the art "Digital Setting Circle" electronics technology to insure the easy set up and quick locating of celestial objects for visual purposes, and a high degree of durability and reliability.


TeleVue telescopes are complemented by the most unique, matched series of accessories and options that make the use of these telescopes particularly simple and rewarding. From eyepieces offering breath taking panoramic views of a countryside or oceanfront, to "a Moon walk" perspective of the Moon or a Nebulae! The TeleVue system also includes camera adapters for most SLR 35mm film and some video cameras, and innovative sighting devices to help one to locate a celestial object. All of these have have been carefully designed for functionality and compatibility. They are all tested and proven in the field under actual observing conditions.


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