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Company Seven has remained for decades one of the well regarded retail resources for the international professional astronomical, intelligence and defense communities. We serve the more demanding amateur too by operating one of the last astronomical instruments oriented specialty showrooms in the Americas. Ours is among the very last of the dedicated 'brick-front' showrooms where you can visit to see and look through fine telescopes, including of course TeleVue. We are proud to show almost the entire TeleVue product line daily in our fascinating showroom. Company Seven may operate the only showroom in the world with so complete a collection of TeleVue current production and other interesting out of production TeleVue telescopes. The TeleVue eyepiece and accessory line is similarly well represented at our showroom thereby providing the public a rare opportunity to see the products first hand.

By 2012 TeleVue had become aware of how 'E-Tail' oriented web sites had decimated conventional stores, this left Company Seven as the only shop east of the Mississippi where one could see such a broad selection of TeleVue telescopes as we display, and maybe the only one left with our balance of technical competence and display. So TeleVue announced a new policy to promote those stores that are highly knowledgeable and demonstrate their products; Company Seven is proud to be among the first and the few designated by TeleVue a "TeleVue Star Display Dealer"

With the exception of a few countries where exclusive distributors reside, Company Seven is a source of product and information, service, technical support and advice world wide. We maintain a technically competent staff, each with at least 15 to 20 years or more experience using such equipment in addition to any formal technical and or engineering training. We have a theoretical and practical understanding of TeleVue product and design, second only to TeleVue's most experienced staff. It will become obvious as you browse our Internet site articles that our staff takes more interest in helping to make our customers well informed, and successful than most retailers.

And what may be just as interesting to note is the fact that in spite of all the exceptional services Company Seven provides including product quality control testing and inspection, and customer advice and training programs, our prices are about the same as the volume oriented mail order houses.


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