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Orion Telescopes

Listing of Orion Telescopes Routinely in stock and on display in our showroom.
Other models may be on hand, or provided by special order on short notice.

Intelliscope™ Dobsonian Reflecting Telescopes Introduced October 2003

SkyQuest™ Dobsonian Reflecting Telescope

  • SkyQuest™ XT4.5 4.5" (114mm) f9

SkyQuest™ Dobsonian Reflecting Telescopes Discontinued August 2003, reintroduced January 2004!

Newtonian Equatorial Reflecting Telescopes Orion Catadioptric Telescopes

Orion Equatorial Refracting Telescopes:

Orion and Vixen Refracting Telescope Optical Tube Assemblies:


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