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Company Seven is distributor of the better Orion telescopes, mounts, and accessories. Ours is not a volume oriented company instead our business model is based on working to insure our select clientele becomes highly successful in our hobby. So while others in the industry, mostly 'E-Tailers' promote themselves, we remain idealistic promoting our hobby. This is more important to us than our growing to beyond manageable proportions. While our model has its strengths there are some few weaknesses too - but all our customers agree the strengths are far in favor of selecting Company Seven. Regardless, C7 and our customers have prospered in a retail environment due to our selecting to offer good products, our experience and competence, and our customer-advocate mentality where we protect our customers from disappointment and stress. We operate on the hypothesis that we work for our customer, while the manufacturers of our products in turn work for Company Seven.

Company Seven's staff can be your primary source of information regarding products and prices, estimated delivery dates and the status of your order for those orders placed directly with Company Seven. Your support also makes resources such as this Internet Site possible.

"This is more important to us than our growing to beyond manageable proportions.
We remain idealistic, promoting our hobby..."

And when your new Orion telescope arrives here we will insure it is complete and working as it should. We offer additional services on some of the more labor intensive telescopes where we will assemble the instrument - even upgrading some components, and align the instrument then test the optics to insure the best possible operation of the system. Our assembly services on the "IntelliScope™" Dobsonian style telescopes in particular has earned for us much acclaim, with some customers who run into these telescopes at Star Watch activities commenting about how much more smoothly these telescopes move and better collimated they are than those that are assembled by amateurs who mail order direct. It is not uncommon to meet people driving to our showroom from Maine, Indiana, Arkansas, the Carolinas and yes even locally to buy their telescope at Company Seven. And in fact, those in charge of wholesale department at Orion actually would be very happy if you choose to buy your telescope at Company Seven, since our services in advance of delivery will improve your chances of success and relieve Orion's Customer Service Department of having to help you over the telephone - consider this: have you ever tried to teach someone how to ride a bike by coaching them over a telephone or by E-Mail?

Feel free to call or visit our showroom, or send E-Mail to Company Seven.


Damaged Orion XT-10 Secondary Mirror and Spider assembly When you receive your order it will become obvious that a great deal of care was also given to insure your telescope or accessory was made as well as it should be, and the safe packing of each item was carefully considered before it left here. It is very rare that any component we send out is damaged during transit but if any damage does occur in transit then it is likely to be related to some extraordinary event and we will be the people you can contact to obtain the remedy promptly.

Left: Damaged Secondary Mirror as it arrived at Company Seven in a Orion SkyQuest™ XT10 IntelliScope™ 10 inch telescope.
Three of the knurled knobs that hold the Spider in place in the optical tube worked loose in transit allowing the assembly to fall against the wall of the tube bending one Spider Vane and chipping the Secondary Mirror. We replaced the entire assembly.
Click on image to see enlarged view.


Company Seven can perform routine maintenance or repair services on any telescope, mount, CCD system sold by Company Seven as long as it remains in the care of the original customer of Company Seven.

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