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Continuing the honeymoon that was first publicized at the SBIG CCD Imaging Conference held at Santa Barbara, California in July of 1996, Celestron International of Torrance, California has announced that they will offer an economical yet fully functioned version of the very popular Software Bisque astronomy program "TheSky".

is a full-featured graphical astronomy program that can show you what's up in the sky on any date, from any place on earth. Regarded as the premier program for learning about and enjoying the fascinating past time of astronomy, TheSky has features to benefit a wide range of interest levels from the beginning hobbyist to the seasoned professional.

The version licensed for exclusive distribution by Celestron will be a Level I version with all of the functions as TheSky, but with a smaller database than that furnished by Software Bisque and its distributors (including Company Seven) in TheSky Level II, II, or IV.

TheSky is distributed on one CD-ROM. It uses the Microsoft WindowsTM user interface so you can experience the power of the program instantly. Master "TheSky" with complete on-line help -- it puts the entire 150-page manual (included) at your fingertips. The on-line tutorial helps you learn terminology and understand sophisticated astronomical concepts. For example, to learn the definition of "Precession" simply type it in. The search function displays the definition instantly. The tutorial also comes with scores of illustrations. TheSky Level I includes data about the major planets, the Sun, and the Moon, and thousands of other celestial objects of interest.

Product Level I CD-ROM Level II Floppy Level II CD-ROM Level III Floppy Level III CD Level IV CD-ROM only
Stellar Data ???,000 45,000 259,000 259,000 1,500,000 19,000,000
Double Stars ??? 536 536 536 536 16,000
Variable Stars ??? 611 2492 611 2,500 12,000
NGC Catalog 7,840 7,840 7,840 7,840 7,840 7,840
IC Catalog ??? 874 5386 5,382 5,382 5,382
PGC Catalog N/A N/A 6716 6,700 41,000 73,000
PK Planetary ?? 54 54 1,455 1,455 1,500
Total 10,000 55,000 280,000 280,000 1,551,000 19,000,000


  • Level II and III list the object count for 3.5" floppy and for the CD-ROM media.
  • You can upgrade to higher levels for the difference in cost.
  • Level IV owners can purchase Level III disks (for use on notebook etc.) for a nominal cost.
  • With Level IV, 4,000,000 objects are classified as non-stellar in the GSC, most of which are actually stars.
The Level I CD-ROM versions contain a total of 75 color images. Hungry for even more? We offer support for image CDs from Astronomical Research Network.

To order any of "TheSky" Levels, please contact us at 301-953-2000 Monday to Fridays 11 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, or see how to contact Company Seven for more advice.


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