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Joel DeCaro - Design Engineer.  An avid amateur astronomer, Joel brings a great deal of
experience and expertise to the design team.  Joel was formerly an Advanced Research Engineer at
Kodak where he authored or co-authored five patents related to digital imaging.  Joel and
Craig Herrin developed the high speed USB electronics used in most of the the current models
of SBIG cameras.  Joel is the principle design engineer for the large format cameras.


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Craig Herrin - Design Engineer, Electroncis.  Craig's prior experience in Medical Imaging and
circuit design has been very useful in his contributions to the SBIG product line.  Craig was primarily
responsible for the design of the STV electronics and,  with Joel DeCaro, the high speed USB
electronics used in most of the current models of SBIG cameras.


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Stan Brown  - Mechanical Design Engineer.  Stan has over 30 years design experience in the
aerospace industry.  The last 18 years before SBIG were spent at Santa Barbara Research Center with
Alan Holmes and Matt Longmire where he worked on infrared detection systems and space craft design.


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Matt Longmire - One of the co-founders of SBIG.  Software Engineer.  Co-author of several patents
related to digital instruments and digital imaging,  including two patents for SBIG:
Track & Accumulate and Dual CCD Self-Guiding.  Matt and Alan were primarily responsible
for the design and development of the ST-5, ST-5C, ST-237, ST-6 and ST-7/8/9/10/2000
family of self-guiding cameras.   Author of CCDOPS.  What's he doing with that screwdriver?



Alan Holmes, Ph.D., Optical Science.  Avid amateur astronomer, CEO and one of the co-founders of SBIG.
Co-author of two patents for SBIG:  Track & Accumulate and Dual CCD Self-Guiding.   Alan's previous
experience as a Senior Scientist at Santa Barbara Research Center, where he worked on the design and
calibration of remote sensing space craft, has been invaluable in the oversight and development of
most of the products at SBIG, from the original ST-4 Star Tracker to the current large format camera. 


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Michael Barber - Vice President and a co-founders of SBIG.  Avid amateur astronomer.  Although his
previous professional experience was in a different field, from the early days of the group's Gamma Ray
Burst research, he has been an active contributor to the design discussions and decision making process
for the development of the SBIG products.  His ideas to produce the ST-10, the ST-2000 and large
format cameras with internal and remote guiding helped start the ball rolling on these popular models . 

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