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First Light Large Format Camera with KAI-11000M CCD
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First Light KAI-11000M, 11 Megapixel, 35mm format CCD in Large Format Camera.
60 second exposure of M13 taken through an AP 130 F/6 refractor (without field flattener).   Seeing was poor (>4 arc sec).
Full frame image, reduced to 25% of original size.  Diagonal field of view is approximately 3.25 degrees.
Note:  Image was taken through nose piece threaded for t-adapter which causes vignetting in the corners.  Also, the prototype CCD
chamber has plain uncoated glass.  Producton model cameras will come with a newly designed 2" nosepiece that does not obstruct the
light path and the CCD chamber window will be optical quality glass with AR coating.


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