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Questar Standard with Solar Observatory package mounted on Astro-Pier

The Questar Solar Observatory is a system made up of several components that permit a Questar 3-1/2 astronomical telescope to reveal otherwise unobservable details on the Sun. This system employs a "Hydrogen-Alpha" filter and can be used visually or for imaging with film or a CCD camera. An optional accessory (Daytime Polar Alignment Package) is available to aid solar observers to attain a precise polar alignment of the telescope mount.

Loop prominences and coronal rain (solar disk masked off). top to bottom 12:16 U.T. 0/0 min, 12:52 U.T. +36/+36 min, 13:06 U.T. +14/+50 min
One will observe the Sun as a deep red globe, with prominences appearing as sheer curtain-like features exploding out into the blackness of space. Also revealed are contrasting features on the Sun's disk including filaments and flares. This is an excellent aid for educators, and a tool for those who are looking to expand the possible areas f use for their Questar telescope.

A Questar Solar Observatory system can be furnished with any of a selection of Hydrogen-Alpha filters, these can vary in their power requirements (some models require no electric power at all), and band pass. Because of the possible choices, we prefer to work directly with customers to help tailor a system that will best suit their needs.

The Questar Solar Observatory was developed by a local customer of Company Seven with the cooperation of DayStar Filter Company, Questar Corporation, and Company Seven. An illustrated article ("A SOLAR TELESCOPE FOR LOVERS") prepared by Mr. Michael Olshausen for publication in the Company Seven "C-VII Journal" is made available at our Internet Site for those who wish to read and see more about this systems development, and operation.

  Solar flare with surge prominence

  • Dual Aperture energy rejection filter
  • Variable pitch Hydrogen-Alpha filter
    • 0.6 Angstrom ATM Filter
    • 0.6 Angstrom University Filter
    • 0.5 Angstrom University Filter
  • Glare free viewing with "SunShield"
  • Questar "Variwedge"
  • Questar "Televid" Star Diagonal
  • Questar Brandon 32mm eyepiece
  • Portability: keep track of solar activity from anywhere on Earth
  • Simplicity: set up and take a look when you have a few minutes
  • Convenience: your attention stays on what you see, not what you look through.
  • Resolution: Questar's long focal ratio is ideally suited to Hydrogen-Alpha and white light observing.

Basic Specifications:

  • Effective Focal Length: 60 inches
  • Prominence Aperture: 2.5 inches
  • Prominence focal ratio: f/24
  • High-Contrast Disk Aperture: 1.2 inches


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