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OGS German Equatorial Mounting and Control Systems

Optical Guidance Systems manufactures a line of quality, high performance equatorial mounts. An optical system, no matter how good, is rendered useless when its support is wobbly, shaky, and unstable. As a result, OGS has spared no effort in designing and manufacturing mounts which allow you to enjoy the full benefits of a superb optical system.

OGS telescopes are rugged and beautiful, befitting the fit, finish and quality one should expect of a custom made instrument. Aluminum alloys make our OGS mount mechanical design strong and yet light weight. The use of dissimilar metals at points in the mount where different coefficients of expansion can affect performance has been carefully avoided. Widely spaced, precision pre-loaded bearings are furnished on both axes. Mating flanges are machined on a multi-million dollar Yoko Moto NC milling machine which ensures that the accuracy of the orthogonal alignment of the axes is one arc minute or better!

OGS drive systems incorporate the highest quality gears manufactured by the Edward R. Byers Company, world renowned for their precision gear systems. Inherent backlash between the worm and worm wheel is virtually eliminated by a lightly spring loaded worm housing with adjustable tension and travel. Eccentricity in the worm shaft, which can result in increased periodic error, is controlled by ABEC7 pre-loaded ball bearings that support the worm shaft. OGS uses-a beam coupling to connect the drive motor to the worm drive which provides anti-backlash, constant velocity power transmission and vibration damping. Most other types of couplings do not offer true constant velocity and thus induce periodic error.

Because OGS incorporates these features into their mounts, periodic and random tracking errors are extremely small. Typically, with our OGS190 mount the total tracking errors are no greater than 3 arc seconds before computer correction, testifying to it's superior performance.

Sub-arc second tracking and sub-arc minute pointing become routine when OGS mountings are complimented with our extensive selection of optional control software. Even when tracking artificial satellites, high resolution observations are effortless.

Company Seven can provide suggestions for the minimum requirements of mounting our OGS optical tube assemblies. For rock solid stability it is often advisable to use a mounting one or two sizes larger than the minimum suggested, and quite often it is advisable to go at least one size larger than the minimum suggested mounting unless budgetary requirements prohibit this. If at all possible Company Seven and OGS will usually recommend to the customer that they allocate less funding on the optical assembly and more on the mounting. This is not always possible however since on many bids the minimum size of the telescope aperture is specified and not the tracking quality or the stability of the mounting.

Some of our available mount options offered include:
  • Computer controlled, "Go-To" capability
  • Complete remote control via leased or conventional telephone line, or radio
  • Computer interface to facilitate control by custom and third party applications
  • Rotating ring mounting hardware
  • Quick release mounting hardware for smaller OGS telescope optical tubes, and those of other manufacturers

Our OGS telescope optical tube assemblies are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

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