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Three generations of early Staticmaster packaging, in Company Seven's collection (70,423 bytes)

  • PDF Icon Alpha Ionization Innovative Solutions for Static Control. This is the complete three page illustrated document provided as an Adobe .pdf file (170,806 bytes). Publication content copyright 2004 by NRD.

  • PDF Icon Staticmaster Brush Certificate & Instructions c. 1952. This is a moderate resolution 108 dpi scan by Company Seven of the two page document, front and back, that accompanied their products throughout the 1950's that are in our museum archives collection. This early version of the document lists 2150 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA as the address for Nuclear Products Company. By 1954 the Certificate and Instructions listed no street address but only El Monte, CA as their address.

    This is provided as an Adobe .pdf file (6,311,370 bytes including our cover sheet) for historical information purposes only. Publication content by Nuclear Products Company, of Costa Mesa, California.

Right: Three generations of early Staticmaster 1 inch brush packaging: silver of 1953, yellow from 1957, clear 1959. The brushes inside both cartons appear identical to the one in the clear plastic case.
All are in Company Seven's museum collection (70,423 bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (186,912 bytes)

  • PDF Icon U.S. Patent 2479882: RADIOACTIVE METAL PRODUCTS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING. A thin film of encapsulated radioactive metal product that emits alpha particles is the basis of the Staticmaster brush. The concept seems to originate with the U.S. Patent 2479882 by Clarence W. Wallhausen and Harry H. Dooley, Morristown, and Clayton 0. Carroll, Madison, N. J., assignors to United States Radium Corporation, New York, N. Y., a corporation of Delaware. The application was filed on 14 March 1946 and granted on 23 August 1949. This is the complete ten page illustrated document provided as an Adobe .pdf file (170,806 bytes). Publication content copyright 2004 by NRD.


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