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Fujinon 150 ED-D/N Day & Night Vision Binocular

Fujinon 25x 150mm ED/DN right rear (42,695 Bytes)
The 25x 150 ED-D/N is a cousin of the highly acclaimed 25x 150 mm ED astronomical and marine binocular. This rugged and massive (44 lb / 20 kg) binocular telescope has been developed to provide sharp and clear images day and night of objects 300 meters or more distant for applications involving surveillance, coast watching, mountainside observing, and low light nature studies. The ED/DN distinguishes itself from its traditional sibling with a capability to interchange eyepieces. We provide the 150 ED-D/N with one pair of conventional optical 25x eyepieces that are suitable for use day or night. Company Seven offers this binocular for sale with our customers choice of either or both conventional 25x (2.7 Degree actual field of view) and or 40x (1.7 degree AFOV) eyepieces; these eyepieces have the same high quality as those on the conventional 25x 150 binoculars. This binocular can be provided with a second pair of eyepieces that accept the customers choice of passive night vision modules.

Right: Fujinon 25x 150 mm ED/DN binocular. Image at right is night view of forest 10 km distance
as observed at night from border guard station (42,695 Bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (78,314 bytes)

Company Seven provides the NV eyepieces with the customers choice of intensifier components (i.e. Gen 2, Gen 3, or Gen 3+/4) to provide 26.3x image intensified capability. The NV eyepieces are powered by one CR2 battery housed in the right Prism Housing. However, because this NV technology is controlled the 25x 150 ED-D/N with the optional NV components are sold by Company Seven only to U.S. government agencies. Or by permission of the U.S. Department of State we can make these available to some allied foreign governments.

Fujinon 25x 150mm ED/DN with Stand (101,406 Bytes)
The binocular is amazingly compact (37.9 in / 962 mm) long, and it is easy to use but it does require an optional stand to support it and to permit smooth, fluid motion up and down, and left or right. For routine applications or where one is concerned about minimizing the footprint, then we recommend the Fujinon Aluminum Fork Mount installed either onto a portable pier or onto the adjustable height Aluminum Field Tripod. For those who intend to use the 25x 150 ED-D/N for astronomical applications then one can use the Fujinon stand or use the parallelogram type stands made by companies including Universal Astronomics. The parallelogram mounts can be particularly comfortable for those who intend to observe areas directly overhead, and for those who observe while reclined - but these will require a larger footprint and one must be careful with the Counterweight and Shaft that are installed opposite the binocular.

Left: Fujinon 25x 150 mm ED/DN Binocular shown with optional Fujinon Fork Mount Pillar and Field Tripod (145,462 Bytes).
Click on image to see enlarged view (258,629 bytes)

Please inquire about the specifics of the Night Vision components or to obtain additional information and specifications for the 150 ED-D/N and the higher performance options and accessories made for this binocular by Company Seven then please contact us.


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