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C5+ Telescope
Discontinued, posted for information purposes only

The C-5 is a 5" (127mm) f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope docked onto a single tine fork mount; this is a serious multi-purpose instrument made in the U.S.A.. We regard it as a good choice for those who want a portable and versatile ultra-telephoto camera lens (one that can operate at 1250mm at f10, or 790mm at f6.3 with an optional telecompressor) of very good quality . It can also function well as a compact photo-visual system suitable for birding and nature observing with unusually high magnification capability, and it also serves those who also wish to do some astronomy.

With this in mind, the C5 features a novel quick release optical tube assembly, a unique dovetail system with safety locks (removes front the fork tine in seconds without any tools). This allows the six pound tube assembly to be mounted on a rigid photo tripod for terrestrial applications. It even focuses as close as 20 feet!

This is a telescope to be considered for for youngsters or those persons who can not manage to move a larger telescope and yet wish the convenience and portability of such a compact, clock-driven astronomical telescope. Being extremely portable, the C-5 telescope fits virtually anywhere: in check in luggage, or in a compact car trunk for example. However, considering the current airline restrictions it is not likely to be allowed onto most commercial aircraft as carry on baggage in its carrying bag; we can offer advice on how best to travel with the telescope if you call us at 301-953-2000.

The C5 telescope is versatile and highly expandable with numerous optional accessories, most of these that can be shared with other telescopes. The telescope proivides the resolution, light grasp (100% more than common 3 1/2" telescopes and 50% more than competing commercial 4" cassegrain telescopes), convenience and sophistication you demand. The C5 is a serious, high quality precision instrument.

The C5 features Celestron's highly regarded hand-figured, diffraction-limited optical system for optical performance you can depend on - with such a reputation for optical excellence that the C5 was chosen over all competitive units by NASA for several recent shuttle missions. The C5 features Starbright® coatings - a durable high reflectivity coating on the two mirrors and high transmission coatings on the corrector lens of the optical system.

A review published in Astronomy Magazine read, "The C5 I tested contained superb optics. At high powers, stars exhibited a clearly defined Airy disk surrounded by a bright first diffraction ring and several successively fainter outer rings. This was a telescope that demonstrated how well Schmidt-Cassegrain optics can perform and met Celestron's promise of diffraction-limited optics."

In a recent review by Sky & Telescope, the following is noted, "the optical correction and factory collimation were excellent. At high magnification, bright stars were surrounded by a classic set of diffraction rings."

The C5 has an innovative, rigid single-arm fork mount with a convenient carrying handle. The reengineered spur gear drive utilizes a rigid polar axle with preloaded tapered roller bearings in a sturdy and accurate drive system. The DEC axis uses two preloaded ball bearings for smooth rigid movement. All controls on the mount are precision engineered and manufactured. Sky & Telescope said, "the C5 has the smoothest focusing control I have ever used on a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope."

The C5+ incorporates a 9 volt DC battery powered drive and runs for about 50 hours! Thus the telescope can operate anywhere on Earth (in the Northern or Southern hemispheres) independent of local available electrical power. The electronics of the C5+ also are furnished with a built-in drive controller and a hand control. The R.A. motor's main tracking speed is an accurately regulated sidereal rate. The hand control allows fast and slow speed override of R.A. tracking speed and +/- operation of the optional DEC motor. A comment from the Sky & Telescope review - "the digital electronics of the C5+ delivered a near-perfect sidereal tracking rate."

The C5+ is a reasonable choice for portable astrophotography. As Astronomy Magazineindicated, "With its combination of fine optics, smooth drive system, and built-in drive corrector, the C5+ proved to be a good telescope for all kinds of astrophotography." While we do question that statement in certain applications of astrophotography, we do not argue the ease and versatility of the system for several common amateur astrophotography applciations - although we much prefer the 8" or larger cousins for astrophotography in terms of end resul, versatility and cost effectiveness.

The larger light gathering power of the C5 over smaller telescopes allows observation of amazing lunar details, it offers enough magnification to enter the threshold of viewing of the planets major features: see detail in Jupiter's equatorial belts, see the fascinating ring structure of Saturn as well as the polar caps of Mars. The C5 has enough light gathering power to observe hundreds of deep-sky objects: fully resolve many globular star clusters, and allow you to enjoy brighter nebulae, double stars and brighter galaxies.

With optional accessories, the C5 easily converts to a computerized telescope.

The standard equatorial wedge supplied has a built-in bubble level and is adjustable from O to 90 degrees. The total weight of the C5 with wedge is just 23 lbs.

Standard accessories include a 5 x 24 Finderscope, Star Diagonal-1 1/4", Visual Back-1 1/4" and a 25mm Eyepiece-1 1/4". Weight is 23 lbs.

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