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Introduction and General Availability Information

Company Seven displays numerous interesting telescopes including a number of the better Vixen telescopes and mounts in our Laurel showroom. We also stock and show a number of their better eyepieces, diagonals and a variety of compatible third party accessories.

Vixen provides a comprehensive and well integrated telescope system, supported by the only firm in North America that has as much experience with so many of the best products in the industry. We encourage you to take full advantage of our experience and resources, and if at all possible to visit our showroom to see these instruments.


14 May 2002 TeleVue acquires Vixen distribution for U.S.A. and Canada.

    TeleVue Optics, Inc. announced the formation of a new division "Vixen North America". The wholly owned subsidiary of TeleVue will be the exclusive distributor of Vixen (of Japan) astronomical telescopes and accessories for Canada and the United States.

    Vixen North America will operate from TeleVue's new headquarters in Chester, N.Y. with its own staff headed by Bill Copeland, Sales Manager. Mr. Copeland has broad sales experience including having managed a retail telescope store in Minnesota. When TeleVue learned Mr. Copeland was planning a return move to the East Coast, TeleVue invited him to join the TeleVue company.

    TeleVue has hired Mr. Peter Carboni to work on areas including web site development, literature, and other projects for both TeleVue and Vixen North America. A current Vixen product brochure is now available, although TeleVue has yet to announce pricing and availability details.

    Some Background on Vixen:

    Vixen is a Japanese based manufacturer, distributor and exporter of telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, and accessories geared for a clientele that spans from novice to the advanced amateur. The history of Vixen begins in October 1949 when their present Chairman Mr. Kousuke Tsuchida, started a wholesale business specializing in optical goods. The original company name was established in March 1954 when "Koyu Company, Limited" was formed in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In August 1969, their manufacturing division, Vixen Optical Company, Limited was founded in Itabashi, Tokyo. And in August 1970 the name "Koyu Co., Ltd. was changed to Vixen Company, Limited. Since 1985 Vixen has been located in Tokorozawa, Japan.


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