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    Red ball (924 bytes) 3 August 2016 Lunt SUNoculars (solar filtered binocular) announced, shown at Company Seven.

    Red ball (924 bytes) 1 December 2010 Lunt Products Welcomed to Company Seven.

3 August 2016: Lunt SUNoculars (solar filtered binocular) announced, shown at Company Seven.

    Lunt SUNocular solar binoculars assortment at Company Seven (79,574 bytes)
    The new SUNoculars and SUNocular-Mini binoculars were introduced by Lunt Solar Systems. These provide the user with a compact, convenient, and affordable means of safely observing aspects the Sun including Sun Spot activity (magnetic storms) or Planetary Transits. These were developed specifically with the impending Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017 in mind where millions of people across much of the USA will be able to observe this rare even.

    Above: Lunt SUNocular solar binoculars shown at Company Seven, note the opaque solar filter elements over the objective lenses (79,574 bytes).
    Click on image to see enlarged view (322,960 bytes).

    While the innovative SUNocular does at first glance appear similar to a conventional central focus roof-prism binocular however, the SUNoculars incorporate glass solar filter elements that so reduce the amount of light passing through that these are suitable solely for examining intensely bright objects such as the Sun. These filters are an integral component that cannot be removed (or lost) this the SUNocular cannot be employed for the observation of terrestrial objects. The light from the Sun is reduced to a comfortable 10⁻⁵ (0.00001 or 1/100,000th %) transmission, while any ultra-violet and infrared components of that light are completely and safely blocked.

    The full size SUNocular is so compact and useful that Company Seven is stocking this, ordering the small 6x SUNocular-Mini only by request. This article profiles the SUNocular 8x model.

1 December 2010: Lunt Solar Systems Welcomed At Company Seven


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