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Addendum for Vixen 90 and 102F Fluorite Apochromat Refracting Telescopes

Thank you for demonstrating your continuing trust in Company Seven by choosing to purchase this limited availability new telescope from us. We have already taken steps to improve the optical performance of your telescope. In order to make your telescope an even better value we offer the following suggestions and options. Buyers of new Vixen 102FL 4" Fluorite Apochromat refracting telescopes distributed through Orion and Company Seven in the year 2001 or later may also find portions of this article helpful.

  1. If you ordered this system with a Vixen Super Polar or Super Polaris-DX mount as we offered them in the 1980 to mid 1990's then understand the standard wood tripod is adequate for visual applications however, there are a few tips for making the Vixen SP/GP tripod more rigid.

    • Periodically tighten the chromed nuts that secure the tripod legs to the mount head. Use some care not to strip the bolts, and realize that if you over tighten these it will be more difficult to collapse the legs in to one another for storage and transport.  

    • For the C102F do not purchase the optional 1/2 pier extension. This reduces stability of the 102F.  

    • You may wish to purchase our all metal portable pier for your telescope mount.

  2. There are rare accessories to increase the telescopes' visual and photographic versatility; most notably Company Seven's C90/102F 2" (50.8mm) Conversion Kit. The telescope optical tube assemblies include a 1-1/4" (31.7mm) eyepiece/accessory holder and 1.25" prism diagonal. If the telescope was ordered with mount then Vixen will have included an eyepiece. If you wish to convert the telescope so that it could employ both 1-1/4" and 2" (50.8mm) accessories then we can provide the necessary components. This upgrade allows:

    • An increase of the potential actual field of view (visible area). With the 1-1/4" ocular on the C102F for example, the widest actual field of view is 1.9 degrees (with 4.5mm Exit Pupil) at 23X. The optional 2" (50.8mm) Back allows views of 17X and 3.2 degrees (at 6.2mm Exit Pupil). This is especially beneficial for those who want to see more of the largest deep-sky objects, or for those who elect to use the telescope for panoramic views of the backyard or waterfront, it also facilitates finding objects.  

    • Ability to use the highest quality, best corrected 2" oculars for better detail definition at low magnification, and more comfortable eye relief for low magnification views. Also, you can employ a wide selection of standardized 2" accessories such as camera adapters.  

    • A logical upgrade path if you intend to eventually by a larger second telescope where the accessories are likely to have 2" fittings. In effect you will not be buying accessories that will not be compatible or complement the majority of larger telescopes.  

    • The ability to employ our 2" Telecompressor which would allow the scope to take pictures or video as about a 560mm f5.5 telescope (in the case of the C102F).  

    • Optional carrying cases for the optical tube are available from Company Seven. These will sell for between $175 to $400 depending on the construction and features.

Thank you, and we wish you a lifetime of enjoyment with your telescope. For information about other accessories for your telescope, please call us.


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