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    Bosendorfer and Previn's Comment.
  • Performers professional caliber pianists who have enjoyed my piano and who have given me their permission to be recognized on this web site. Some of them will have been recorded while playing my Bösendorfer, and samples of their performances are available to be listened to at the Audio & Video Files page on this site.

    Right: Andre Previn's comment about the Bösendorfer "the best concert grand I ever played."

  • L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH the factory and world wide headquarters. The main offices are located Graf Starhemberg-Gaße 14, A-1040 Wien (Vienna), Austria. They also maintain a showroom at Bösendorferstraße 12, A-1010 Wien, Austria. This is the birthplace of my magnificent piano, and since 1828 they have been at the heart of the Viennese culture of sound.

    There are many people in the Bösendorfer organization to whom I owe thanks, and while unfortunately I can not name all those who actually built my fine piano it has been my privilege to work with the late Mr. Roger Weisensteiner. From 1966 through 2002 L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH was owned by the American company Kimball International, Inc. of Jasper, Indiana. Mr. Weisensteiner was a highly regarded Registered Piano Technician who formerly served as head of the PT Guild. And as President of Kimball International and head of Bösendorfer Service & Sales USA, Mr. Weisensteiner oversaw the operations of L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH on behalf of Kimball. During his tenure the instrument was made and later delivered to me in October 2000.

    In Vienna those I thank include Mr. Christian Höferl, the former Vice President and Marketing Director for L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH through 2005. Those who continued to provide kind assistance include Mr. Andreas Kaufmann their Sales Director while my CEUS conversion was negotiated through 2009, Mr. Ferdinand Braeu their Technical Director, Mr. Manfred Haefele of the Service Department, and Jan Sauerzapf who is the Guardian Angel of my piano's CEUS system.

    Sales increased to a several year high of 545 units in 2000. Concluding 2001 L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH employed some 230 people, most at the factory in Wiener Neustadt crafting about 500 pianos of all models per year resulting in sales of about $16 million with a net $2 million profit. On 20 December 2001 the sale of the company by Kimball was announced and on 7 January 2002 L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH became a wholly owned subsidiary of the BAWAG-P.S.K. bank group of Austria. BAWAG-P.S.K. formed with Bank Für Arbeit und Wirtschaft AG, BAWAG ('Bank for Labour and Business Corporation') acquired the Österreichishe Postsparkasse (P.S.K.) bank. During this period under Dkfm. Manfred Aichinger an important innovative technology was developed that built upon the success of the 1984 '290SE' but took the concept of a reproducing piano to its highest form in 2005 when the CEUS was introduced. Unfortunately the BAWAG-P.S.K. became involved in a disastrous scandal involving fraudulent transactions that erupted in October 2005. The top management of L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH served at the pleasure of BAWAG P.S.K. and the author senses that in the confusion and changes of management that particularly later in 2006 L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH suffered at the hands of some distracted and uninspiring leadership. Sales for fiscal year 2006 were about 13.5 million Euros, with production of pianos at just under 400 instruments.

    On 20 December 2007 BAWAG agreed to sell all shares in L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH to Yamaha Corporation (ヤマハ株式会社, Yamaha Kabushiki Gaisha) of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. The terms of the agreement provided that all Bösendorfer manufacturing and its 180 personnel will remain in Austria. The legal process was concluded in 2008 after all approvals were granted. Yoshichika Sakai from Yamaha was appointed to manage L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH. I find some irony that Yamaha made its most noteworthy inroads into the piano market with the popularity of its digital keyboards and with the automated recording and playing piano that has been attributed to Yamaha, but that was actually invented and first built as the "290SE" piano by Wayne Stahnke and Bösendorfer under Kimball. The concept has since been advanced and more highly perfected by Bösendorfer with their release of the CEUS recording and playing pianos. If Bösendorfer's best qualities are left unadulterated, and if Yamaha's expertise in electronics, marketing and management expertise are brought to bear then the future for Bösendorfer could be in good hands.

    Main telephone number: 43 (1) 504-66510 Web site: E-Mail to
    Note both URL domains and are owned by the company.

Gerhard Feldmann Grand Piano Works Logo GERHARD FELDMANN Grand Piano Works

    The late Mr. Roger Weisensteiner (mentioned above) first referred the owner of this Web Site to Mr. Feldmann advising me he is certainly the most competent and experienced Bösendorfer technician in the USA. Gerhard Feldmann became instrumental in assisting me with the selection, evaluation and maintenance of my Bösendorfer Model 290 piano. He is a piano and concert technician of world renown, an outstanding specialist in the workings of the piano action and voicing of hammers, as well as restoration of older instruments, set aside of concert preparation and recording provisions. Owing to the factory's craftsmanship and Mr. Feldmann's care numerous artists who have performed on this Imperial piano have commented it is the most magnificent, and expressive piano they have ever played.

    Gerhard Feldmann Grand Piano Works Logo

    Mr. Feldmann began his career in 1972 as an apprentice of the L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH factory in Vienna. By 1979 and through 1985 Mr. Feldmann was employed throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia as a Bösendorfer International Concert Technician. He worked as Head Technician for Bösendorfer's concert, service and repair department, then based at Bösendorfer's US headquarters in French Lick, Indiana. From 1982 to 1993 he was a technical director for Bösendorfer piano dealers in Melbourne Australia, Dallas and New York. By 1993 Mr. Feldmann set off on his own operating independently as Gerhard Feldmann Concert Service Inc. providing grand pianos for concerts and recordings, sales, piano repair and rebuilding, tuning, voicing and maintenance for a roster of amazing individuals and institutions. He has worked in positions where he has gained an uncommonly excellent understanding of these pianos and their marketplace, and he remains the only Bösendorfer factory trained technician in the United States with fourteen years of manufacturer experience.

    Right: GERHARD FELDMANN Grand Piano Works logo.
    Click on GFGPW logo at right to visit their official Web Site

    His skills are worthy of note on both sides of the keyboard since he is a talented pianist too with an astounding in-depth knowledge of classical music. It is such as joy to hear him play that we recorded him as he finished setting up my Imperial for a concert and make this available at the Audio & Video Files page. He is the technician of choice for many of the finest performers on the international concert stages, assisting them with the most tailored rendering of their pianos.

    The team of Gerhard and Lisa Feldmann came to prominence on the New York City music scene when they founded Bösendorfer New York, the first exclusively Bösendorfer piano showroom outside of Vienna, Austria. Bösendorfer New York was for a time the official retail showroom and service facility for Bösendorfer pianos and speaker systems in New York City. The Feldmanns hosted events, introduced new products to the Americas at BNY (including the Bösendorfer CEUS), and the provided services and Bösendorfer pianos for some notable music venues. And now GERHARD FELDMANN Grand Piano Works is the company operated by Gerhard Feldmann for the professional servicing, repair, and the restoration of pianos. The workshop and ateliers of GERHARD FELDMANN Grand Piano Works are at the New York Design Center, 200 Lexington Avenue at 32nd Street, New York City. This is the site of their original 'Bösendorfer New York' piano showroom. As GERHARD FELDMANN Grand Piano Works they continue to host events, and provide fine support of these venues.

    • Read a listing of some of the artists whom Mr. Feldmann helped to sound great! Not to name drop, but this is some incredible quantity and quality of talent!

    • Soon you will be able to read a list of some of the organizations whom Mr. Feldmann has aided with his expertise

    Telephone number: 212-684-1956 Web site: E-Mail to

Piano Company LogoThe Piano Company
    in 2000 when I acquired my Bösendorfer piano, this was the factory authorized retail showroom and regional service facility for Bösendorfer pianos closest to me. Since then they have discontinued their Bösendorfer dealership but continue to sell many other lines of pianos. Piano Company is located in an immense showroom at 1063 Battlefield Shopping Center, Leesburg, Virginia. It is operated by Mr. Steve Cunningham R.P.T. a highly capable Piano Technician and one of few whom I entrust with this piano.

    While L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH was owned by the American company Kimball International, Inc. of Jasper, Indiana it was Mr. Cunningham and his company that managed the repairs and special needs for Bösendorfer USA under the late Roger Weisensteiner R.P.T. And it was Piano Company who managed the transportation of my Model 290 piano when it was shown in Washington, D.C alongside another Bösendorfer Piano made in 1841 for Franz Liszt. These events were part of celebrating the 300 year anniversary of the piano and the 2000 Piano Technician Guild Millennium Convention. And they managed the safe delivery to my home and set up in October 2000.

    Telephone number: 703-771-8119 Web site: E-Mail to

RHL company logoRHL Audio
    is the company of Mr. Chris Murphy, he is the Recording Engineer with more than thirty years experience who records and mixes all the audio tracks for my piano, then he delivers for me the professionally recordings that come as close as the technology (and speakers) allow to reproduce my Imperial Bösendorfer piano.

    After 18 years as a staff recording engineer at various studios in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area, Mr. Murphy established his own company to bring a level of experience and knowledge to his sessions that few engineers can match. His client list includes Disney (Narnia DVD soundtrack), Cavalia, 2 Live Crew, Barbra Streisand, Rude Buddha, Jody Marshall, J. Street Jumpers, Juniper Lane, Moonfire, The Nighthawks, Saffire, and many more. Projects for The Discovery Channel, Alligator Records, The Learning Channel, PBS, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, FOX television, and others. Orchestras, soundtracks and film scores, classical recordings, major record label projects, major TV networks and cable channels, CDs, DVDs, Big Band, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Folk, Country, Celtic, Bluegrass, school or camp auditions, recitals, commercials, jingles, voice-overs, narration, forensic processing, and almost anything audio.

    It is amazing to see the quantity and quality of microphones, mic pre-amps, mobile computer digital recording systems, and outboard gear equipment that Mr. Murphy brings to my home in order to accomplish this task!

    Telephone number: 703-978-6887 Web site: E-Mail to

DPA company logoDPA Microphones A/S
    DPA company logo factory and world wide headquarters are located at Gydevang 42-44, DK-3450 Alleroed, Denmark. This is my choice of microphone for recording an instrument as demanding as an Imperial Bösendorfer, and by request DPA Microphones made a matched and cased pair of their Reference Microphones Model 4004 for me. Each is an unobtrusive 130 Volt Omnidirectional microphone with with an extended on-axis frequency response from 10 Hz to 40 kHz (±2 dB) but also capable of tolerating extreme peak sound pressure levels as high as 168 db. The microphones are supported on a DPA Model UA0836 Stereo Boom 54 cm wide, and powered by the DPA Model HMA5000 High-Voltage Microphone Amplifiers through DPA 10 meter cables. These are the primary mics I employ to record my Bösendorfer since August 2006, and they have brought with them a notable improvement to the final recordings.

    Right: DPA Reference Microphone Model 4004 (165 mm / 6.5 in., weight 150 g / 5.29 oz). The silver end houses the 12 mm / 0.47 in. Capsule.

    In May 2007 I added a matched pair of the DPA Model 4003 Microphones for recording ambiance and for close up use on guest string performers. This set is nearly identical in appearance to the above microphones but differs from the 4004 as the peak sound level capacity of the 4003's is somewhat lower at 154 db. And the on-axis frequency response spans somewhat less from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB). Each of these mics is a 130 Volt Omnidirectional microphone powered by the DPA Model HMA5000 High-Voltage Microphone Amplifier, and are supported on a DPA Model UA0836 Stereo Boom 54 cm wide. The cased set (sold as PN 3503) includes a selection of DPA attenuating Acoustic Modification accessories, and pair of 10 meter microphone cables upgraded from the standard 5 meter by me to match the above 4004 set. I could have bought a less costly second set of mics (low voltage, etc.) but I reasoned that it is a good idea to have the second set of mics share as many components as possible (Amplifiers, Cables, etc.) with the primary 4004's in case of some damage or loss. And having the 4003's means that I am now equipped for first class recording of a second instrument too!

    Their US Distributor is DPA Microphones, Inc., 2432 North Main Street, Suite 200, Longmont CO 80501, Telephone: 303-485-1025. Mr. Bruce Myers, President of DPA and Mr. Shane Beeson were particularly helpful and patient with my inquiries.

    Telephone number in Denmark: 45 4814 2828 Web site: E-Mail to or

Concerts & Cuisine LogoConcerts & Cuisine
    consists of the charismatic duo Matthew Horowitz, Chef and Lura Johnson, Pianist and Instructor. Matt provides the nourishment of body with hors d'ouevres and buffet or plated dinners, while Lura attends to the soul. They bring forth two of the finest three ingredients for a wonderful event - all you need do is provide the familiy and friends. They have catered my Bösendorfer Imperial Piano events.

    Telehone: 410.947.4796 Website: E-Mail

Kunis Piano Movers truckKunis Piano Moving & Storage

    Are a most remarkable independent piano moving company who have moved my Bösendorfer Imperial Piano in and out of my homes, in and out of some challenging and constrained areas. What is good about this is that they have done so without ever imparting a blemish or stress to the instrument. And what is all the more amazing about this is that they are a team of two men who employ more brains and less braun to accomplish their tasks. One of them is an experienced Volunteer Fire Department Chief Officer (as was the host of this site), and that further inspired my trust and confidence.

    Kunis Piano Moving & Storage: 509 Russell Avenue, Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481

    Telehone: 201.847.8500 Website: E-Mail

Tom Kaplan, RPTTom Kaplan, Registered Piano Technician

    in 2010 after my Bösendorfer piano was returned from its CEUS retrofit, Mr. Kaplan is the technician assigned to fine tune my Bösendorfer CEUS system. Mr. Kaplan is one of the first and few piano technicians in the USA to have worked on CEUS working side by side at my home with Jan Sauerzapf, the lead technician and installer of CEUS at L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH. Later, in September 2010 they completely changed over my original CEUS system to provide the new wireless networking capability.

    Yamaha Logo The Yamaha company was established by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer. To this day their corporate logo bears the three tuning forks to reflect their history. As explained above, on 20 December 2007 Yamaha Corporation of Japan acquired all shares in L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH. So Yamaha now owns Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik and in some countries it provides support not only to Yamaha musicians, but are also managing service for Bösendorfer pianos. In the USA, this is managed by Yamaha Corp. of America.

    Mr. Kaplan is a Yamaha Piano Service Consultant, and a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with more than twenty years experience as a piano technician. Mr. Kaplan's wife JoAnn is also an experienced (RPT); having a capable partner can come in handy especially when working on larger pianos such as the Imperial. They are based in Baldwin, Missouri but travel nationally to support clients.

    Telephone number: 314-753-0117 Website: E-Mail to

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